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AMENDMENTS IN LABOR LAW | Waivers signed in blank

A few days ago, the House of Representatives of the Mexican Federal Congress passed an initiative containing a bill to amend the Federal Labor Law, adding a second paragraph to, both, section 33 and section 1006.
The text was approved as follows:

Section 33.

It is forbidden to force workers to sign blank documents that may imply a waiver of rights or that may impose obligations to the worker. In case the worker is forced to sign blank documents, the worker can, within a thirty day period counted from the date the worker is hired, appear before the Labor Defense Attorney General’s Office or before the Local or Federal Labor Inspector’s Office to report said fact. The Labor Defense Attorney General’s Office or the Local or Federal Labor Inspector’s Office, shall keep the report secret, with the purpose of using it as evidence in the worker’s favor in case of need. In case the worker’s case is proven, management will be subject to the sanctions established in Section 1006.”

Section 1006.

Those documents that, at the request of management or its representatives, are signed in blank by the worker, are deemed to be false documents. The sanctions established in the preceding paragraph shall be applied, notwithstanding any criminal responsibility that may derive from said facts.”

The sanctions established by Section 1006 are prison for a period of six months to four years and a fine of an amount equal to 125 to 1900 times the minimum wage in force in the Federal District.
It is important to point out that the bill has not been passed by the Senate.