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LEX MEX, the network of Mexican firms, announces the admission of a new member

LEX MEX, the network of Mexican firms, announces the admission of the law firm Ramos, Ripoll & Schuster, from the city of Guadalajara, as our newest member. LEX MEX is a network of leading law firms from the main cities of Mexico, founded over 10 years ago, with the aim of providing a better service to their clients and being present with them all throughout the Mexican territory.

The current members of LEX MEX are: EC Legal (Queretaro, Ciudad Juarez, Leon and Mexico City), Bufete de la Garza (San Luis Potosi and Mexico City), Rivadeneyra, Treviño & de Campo (Puebla and Mexico City), Canales Zambrano (Monterrey) and Puerto y Pino (Mérida). The members of LEX MEX are scrupulously selected and only admitted by invitation.

“We have a code of professional conduct, we share the best legal practices, a reliable standard of professional service, information and experience, all to the benefit of our clients”– explained Cesar Ochoa and Javier Canseco.

LEX MEX’s clients belong to the following sectors: industrial, manufacturing and transformation, auto parts, agro-industries, mining, aerospace, transport, real estate, hotel, tourism and hospitality in general, franchising, hospital and education services, as, also, financial, among others. “For a number of months we have discussed the need to incorporate a firm from Guadalajara, to cover the needs of our client’s work, and because of the importance of the city itself”– commented Jose Mario de la Garza.

“We analized several firms in Guadalajara, but Ramos, Ripoll & Schuster impressed us with its vision, professionalism and work methods”– explains Gregorio Canales. “We realized right from the start that they were the firm which most resembled us”. Proof of that is their inclusion in the Chambers & Partners ranking and their recognition as a Great Place to Work.

We are studying a couple of new incorporations of other firms in key cities, but we are not in a hurry and we wish to remain scrupulous when admitting a new firm– concluded Fernando Rivadeneyra and Ignacio Puerto.